The typical user spends on average 15 seconds on an individual website before deciding whether to continue viewing the website or move on. Therefore, as online presence is generally the forefront of a company then it is important that the image portrayed online is accurate to the level of service the company provides.

A website can be used for a range of services including selling products / advertising / writing blog posts or simply displaying contact details for customers to use. Upon our discovery, we highlight the various options available to our customers and build a website that is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and easily searchable on search engines.

At Tech Check, we work with our clients to understand the requirements of the individual business and deliver a service that will portray the correct image online in order for the business to succeed. We also understand that time is minimal and therefore we work with our clients to minimise the time required to assist with our delivery.

Our clients are engaged throughout the delivery of the website and are sent through updates throughout the design phase in order to obtain feedback on potential changes. Upon design completion, we will meet with the client to agree on the website design before proceeding with content upload etc. In order to understand the process end to end, a process schedule is detailed below:

The Process

Our first conversation will allow us to understand your business and what services are provided. We will talk about websites design and potential packages we can offer, how the website can achieve the goals set and what is needed in order to achieve this.

We will also gain an understanding on certain design aspects such as existing colour schemes, logo design and other marketing requirements.

The most important aspect of a website is Content. This is what your viewers will read and determine whether they will continue viewing your website or move on after the ’15 second’ period.

From experience, content is always best being created from the customer. It allows the passion behind the company to be portrayed in a way that no one other than the customer can detail. Although this can be difficult, we will help with this and steer our customers in the right direction so do not worry, we will get through it together.

Content includes photo’s / videos also. This is also an important aspect and we offer assistance with photography / videography if needed.

In order to make this easier, we will provide a content creation document which provides key details such as word count, subject headers and much more to provide the level of detail required to create the correct content.

One key point.. Quality over quantity!

In parallel to the content being created, the website design will commence, and the website structure will be taking place. We will provide a draft design that will be send through in a picture type format. We will ask for initial thoughts on the design / colour theme. This is normally a picture of the home page.

Once this initial design is approved, we will continue to build the website and host it on a sample domain so that the customer can access it and check they are happy with the structure / design of the site. The website will be hosted on the domain where the content will be uploaded, and the site will be finished before being transferred to the company domain and effectively going live.

The website is now complete, we now need to tweak any finer details that are required. We will have a detailed end to end review of the website with our customers ahead of website sign off. All changes highlighted will be corrected before the website launch.

The aim is for all parties to be completely satisfied with the website at this point. This is crucial ahead of website launch. We will also request detail such as user access level to the site. This can vary dependant on customer requirement.

Once complete, the only task left is to launch.

The launch of a website can be a big day for a company and therefore it is important to us that it is as smooth as possible. We will agree a date / time for the site to be launched and confirm once this has been complete. All tools will be running at this point and additional search engine tasks will be completed in parallel.


5 Page Website

Simple + Effective
£ 549
  • 2 Page Layouts
  • Image Gallery
  • Contact Form
  • Domain Transfer

7 Page Website

Detailed, fast & impressive
£ 699
  • 3 Page Layout
  • Advanced Contact Form
  • Image Gallery
  • Google Maps Add-In

10 Page Website

Advanced, efficient, & professional
£ 1200
  • Advanced Features
  • 5 Page Layout
  • Video Capable
  • 1 year hosting included

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