The Domain Server solution is for a scenario where users require a Domain to manage the accounts / permissions / applications and data that their employees use on whilst accessing the company’s IT devices.

The advantages to this solution are that it provides the ability for your network to be managed and administered to ensure all your employees have access to resources relevant to their work. Please see below listed scenarios and benefits highlighted with this solution.



“On the way to work this morning, I left my laptop containing business critical documentation on the train”
Response: A phone call to the Domain Administrator where the laptop can be disabled and therefore made inaccessible to the Domain Network. The employee can now log onto another Domain device and continue with their work.

“I have tried logging in 3 times and my password is not working”
Response: The Domain Administrator can reset the user’s password in a number of minutes and will allow the user to log in successfully.

“One of our employees are moving departments are require access to the Finance application and data folders
Response: Administrator can amend that user’s group membership to allow access to those restricted Finance Folders and remotely install the application onto the user’s profile.


The constraints with the Onsite Domain Server solution is the risk of hardware failures / power outages / internet which is always a risk with a physical server.

This risk can be removed by choosing to migrate your IT network onto our Cloud Domain Solution.