Over the last 10 years, Cloud computing has been the technology that everyone has been speaking about and it is for good reason! At Tech Check, we offer a competitive Cloud computing package that provides a Domain Server solution without a physical server being present.

At 99.99% uptime, this is the leader in providing Domain Services and will provide the resilience required to deliver business critical tasks. See below other benefits listed below:

• Server upgrades can take a matter of seconds with Virtual Servers. They can also be removed just as quickly. Therefore, if you have a requirement for a server upgrade to test a potential new application / data transfer, the server can be upscaled to your requirement. This can all be managed remotely with no physical hardware changes required.

• Additional servers are of a similar kind to server upgrades, they can happen in minutes!

• You pay for what you use. Compared to physical servers in which require to be purchased ahead of time, Virtual Servers are billed on a PAYG basis.