Tech Check incorporated in 2016 as a Managed IT Support company, providing services to both businesses and individuals. The company has multiple years of experience at providing support to a variety of businesses from start-up to enterprise level.

Our company motto is ‘Making Technology Work for You’. The thinking behind this is that all aspects of Technology should be setup to help our clients complete their day to day tasks, quicker and more efficiently. Our aim is to ensure our clients are satisfied with the services we provide and conduct regular feedback meetings to make sure we are providing a great service.

We also understand that technology is updated very quickly. Tech Check as a company stays up to date with these updates and is able to provide the most up to date technology for our clients. We are also an approved Microsoft Cloud Solution provider; therefore, we work closely with technology leaders to ensure our clients can utilise the technology and ‘Make it work for you’

We aim to provide the whole package to our clients, whether that is the purchase of a new piece of hardware to an existing setup, server support, or provisioning a website that will host the company’s database. We offer a range of services and work individually with our clients to provide the services required to fulfil the requirement.

Tech Check also completes a blog which provides an insight into the day to day running of the company. It also details news within the IT industry that may be of interest to our clients. Please take a minute to read through some of our articles.